Surrey Walk

Surrey Walk Taking your mind for a walk (in progress)

A three hour walk in the woods of Surrey, condensed into three minutes, evolves into a journey through thirty years or maybe three thousand.

Exploring the use of compression, morphing, hot spots, video and sound to depict passages in time, place, memory, history and life. Examining how the banal and the literal can be fragmented and abstracted into the uncanny and the evocative.
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Team: Joseph Adler Bruce Worth Troll
  • Two school friends meet after thirty years.
  • They go for a walk.
  • Walk 23 on a trail map.
  • One had walked there last month.
  • The other had walked it long ago


  • The walk is documented through 39 images combined to create a 3 minute movie
  • This movie becomes an ever changing menu, enabling access to other media through "hot spots"
  • Interaction is enabled through mouse roll over and click
  • The overlaying of evoked media creates new movies, images and experiences
  • The ever present red marker moves as the walk progresses
  • There are multiple depictions of time such as logged, real, biological and psychological.
  • There are multiple depictions of place through video, photography, a map, a satellite image, sound, text, signs
  • There are multiple depictions of memory

Key Concepts
  • The walk as an expression of passage through "deep" time not just shallow place
  • Symbolic, iconic and mimetic representations
  • The Codec of life: the use of spatial and temporal compression as an analog for the "compression" that occurs in memory.
  • The morph as an expression of passage


Anonymous said...

That project sounds really promising. I look forward to the finished product. I bet it will be a visual treat as well.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that I understood it fully (still working on it) but I did watch the Surrey Walk. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Aahh! The Troll is the Dog - now I know that - but who else will? Will they even see the dog? I guess that is part of the challenge. What an enigma you are still - so clever - just like your Father. Is he still around? Wonderful concept - worth developing. All the best - a blast from the past.