A life lived.
Filled like pages in a book.
A book all too short.
A book we must write.
For we make the journey.
Moving through life's passages.
Passing from moment to moment.
Moments only borrowed.
In the final chapter each a memory.
Each passages in time.

By Robert Sessions Smilie, Jr
How can one chronicle a journey, the passage from one state to another and all that is between? Recording the movement through landscape is an obvious start, but what about memory, history, conversation, feeling and thought? Are these not also part of the journey?

Passages is a set of experiments exploring these issues within digital media - trying to mediate between the tedium of real-time video and the impoverishing compression of a slide show. The content has been kept simple so as to focus on the form. See Winte
rreise and Surrey Walk.

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bikash said...

well composed. Great